Smart handlebar

Touchscreen LCD display, phone charger, and holder are integrated into the cool T-shaped design of handlebar. The buttons on it control all LED lights. The handlebar also lights up with turn signals, while in the back, brake light shines when you come to a stop.

There is a phone holder at the center of its handlebar, which can turn your smartphone into a control center showing the status of the eBike APP. It can also charge the smartphone.

Removable graphene lithium battery

This design means the battery can be charged on or off the bike. Graphene batteries have been proven to have a much higher capacity on average than lithium-ion batteries, even at smaller sizes. The addition of Graphene to lithium batteries by nano-technology is used to improve the charge rate performance, energy capacity, power density and stability because of its high surface area ratio, stable chemical properties, and fine electrical and thermal conductivity.  A graphene lithium hybrid battery is not only safer in the event of a crash, but it can also provide a much longer range on a single charge in 15mins with a smaller, lighter battery. Due to their flat, easily conducting structure, graphene batteries even charge much faster. The scientist claimed graphene-based lithium hybrid super battery charges 18 times faster than a general lithium-ion battery.

Built-in horizontal LED headlight

A high-intensity slim LED light strip sits horizontally into the handlebars for a wider view.

Built-in led headlight

Forward-facing LED light with a narrow beam to ensure you safely ride on the road in the dark.

Built-in 2 orange vertical LED strips

For decoration and atmosphere comfort propose

Built-in taillight, turn signal light, brake light and laser indicator

A vertical LED rear light is integrated into the seat post. Two parallel laser beams (flashing and always bright modes) are emitted from laser indicators for communication with other drivers and pedestrians by projecting signals onto the road. It is also equipped with a turn signals light to enable other vehicles to know what direction riders will go. The brake light is activated when the bike stops. The blinking hazard light safety feature provides visual alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind.

Custom-made upgraded Rear /Mid-Drive Motors

We improve the  motor to minimize energy waste and reduce heat generation on the efficiency of motor control and thus the overall efficiency of e-bikes. The torque sensor in the rear wheel motor with Freetech self-developed software provides extra effort to combat headwinds resistance and quicker harmonious handling for a more comfortable riding experience.  The motor automatically adjusts the gearbox ratio by detecting the speed of the e-bike regarding the speed sensor.

Front and rear dash cameras

Dash cameras help riders by offering proof of what happened on the road. The saved footage may lead to a police prosecution or a speedily decided insurance claim in your favor in the event of an actual collision. Riders need to look behind their shoulders to carefully check the coming cars when they attempt to change lanes. When out on a ride, you have to keep track of everything. Now. they can use the Freetech dash camera APP to see the rear-view around the e-bike on their smartphones in real-time. It is like having eyes in the back of your head.

Cameras used for ADAS are monitoring and sensing. The purpose of the monitoring function is mainly to provide complementary information such as information on blind spots. The sensing function is a function to extract information necessary for objection detection and blind spots detection from pictures taken by the cameras such as textures, pedestrians, cars, and traffic signs. The system helps to avoid collisions and accidents by image detection technology that alerts the riders for potential problems on road.

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