Bluetooth connectivity provides your e-bike greatest smart accessories scalability. Riders can control and operate smart parts such as a motor, dash cameras, and lights.

A Better Riding Experience With Smart Connectivity

Design for seamless interactions between riders and the app. Access all functions and operation procedures at a glance.

Track your bike's location

With the app, you can locate your bike on a map. Follow the signal to easily find its exact location.

The rider is able to trace the bike even someone is using it. Turn on the alarm that alert the police to where the bike is being kept. Inform the owner if the bike is tampered with or moves.

The remote control

A security lock and alarm that can be accessed via Freetech app.

Cycling records

Real-time data dashboard with speedometer, odometer & battery life display.

Record videos in loop mode. Provide invaluable evidence, peace of mind and even emergency assistance when you need it most.

To take a picture while recording, just press the camera icon. 

Dash Cameras


help you reach your destination.

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